Here are some of the ways clients use our services.

Strategic marketing planning

Strategy is knowing where you want to go and then deciding how best to get there. We can help you:

  • segment your target audience (demographic, psychographic, behavior)
  • profile your audiences (personas, revenue potential, profit potential)
  • develop a strategy for marketing to these segments
  • perform a situational analysis (Where is your company or product now? What are its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats?)
  • clarify your marketing objectives (Where does management want the company to go? What are your goals in terms of volume or dollars?)
  • develop a strategic marketing plan to achieve those objectives (What is the strategic direction of your company, department or product?)

Tactical marketing planning

Letting your strategy drive your tactics and budget, we can help you:

  • determine the best ways to reach your customers and prospects
  • create a pragmatic and doable plan to achieve your goals
  • write creative briefs for either your in-house team or us to execute on
  • create marketing collateral that gets results (emails, brochures, flyers, ads, videos)

Organizational strategy and process improvement

Is your company operating at peak efficiency? Or are groups siloed, not communicating, working at cross-purposes or duplicating efforts?

We help clients minimize overhead and waste while improving accountability for outcomes. We can analyze your current work flows and procedures, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and recommend ways to streamline and improve your processes. Or perhaps your company has experienced an organizational change. We can function as an honest broker and help resolve turf battles and tensions that can arise in mergers and reorgs.

“What’s your story” development

Nobody wants to be sold anything. But they are open to learning more about trends in their industry and what they can do to beat the competition. We can help you develop a motivational narrative that you can present to your prospects. We call it “What’s Your Story?”

This fact-based, data-intensive presentation will walk prospects through the challenges facing their industry and, at the end, will lead them to believe that your firm is the only logical choice for their needs. By winning hearts and minds before you make an appeal for the wallet, you will get in more doors and close more deals.

Team development and leadership coaching

Contact us if you find yourself asking questions like these:

  • “Do I have the right people in place to get us where we need to be next fiscal year?”
  • “Can I shift the mentality of the group I inherited or do I need to bring on new people?”
  • “I need to have my team drive the business through reporting and analysis. Can you teach them this?”

Project management

Projects in your queue outnumber your PMs to manage them? We offer dedicated and experienced personnel to manage, co-ordinate and deliver on your marketing strategies and plans.

Marketing workshops

We can take the lead on and facilitate brainstorming sessions, planning workshops and focus groups with employees or customers.

New vendor search

We’ve helped clients search for, narrow the field, and select new ad agencies, email service providers (ESPs), Internet service providers (ISPs), customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and production houses.

We can conduct a needs discovery (including interviews), complete a requirements document, search for vendors that meet those needs, vet the vendors using an assessment methodology, propose a short list, manage vendor presentations, provide a recommendation, and even lead or participate in contract negotiations and onboarding.

Copywriting / editing

You have internal copywriters and you have agency support, but sometimes you just need a fresh perspective. Think of us when your best copywriters need a helping hand.

Number crunching

Are you long on marketing data, but short on interpretation? We can help you make sense of mounds of numbers and present the findings in dashboards with magazine-quality graphics and refreshing clarity.