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New welcome email doubles conversion rate

Problem: One of the largest online marketers in the U.S. had been sending a welcome email to prospects who requested more information about their services.  This particular welcome email was their best-performing welcome email of a great number of ones they tested.  Still, they wanted to know if its performance could be improved.

Solution: We created something fresh, new and different that woke up the audience and talked to their emotions.

Results: The new welcome email doubled the open rate, tripled the click rate, and doubled the conversion rate.  Incremental revenue from this one email is in the tens of millions of dollars.

Changing marketing process produces 25% response rate

Problem: A Fortune 50 manufacturer needed to increase sales to its medium- and large-business customers. However, they did not know the best channel for contacting their customers and prospects.

Solution: We let the customers decide! By reversing the process, our solution enabled customers and prospects to select their preferred means of contact – phone or email.

Results: We achieved a response rate of over 25% and generated $19 million in revenue from two campaigns.

Choosing the right offer from 12 million possibilities maximizes lift and conversions

Problem: A large enterprise hardware manufacturer wanted to provide the right information to customers, while increasing sales and reducing call center costs. But there were 12 million different possible combinations of offers.

Solution: Working with the client’s email marketing house, we ran analyses and algorithms that enabled them to identify – for each of their 1.5 million customers – the five most relevant offers, based on product ownership, interest and customer behavior. We then created a dynamic contact library and used customer data to prioritize the messages. Each customer saw only the offers most relevant to him or her.

Results: Lift and conversions each increased by 40%.

Leveraging CRM data doubles registration rates

Problem: A leading PC software company had low registration numbers for its product and sales seminars.

Solution: We used CRM data to target seminar invitees by geographic criteria. Then we leveraged response data and staged direct mail, email and telemarketing programs to drive registration and increase attendance.

Results: Registration rates doubled.

Properly correlating data with results achieves 10X ROI

Problem: A major computer manufacturer had 53 separate market segments for small businesses, some based on irrelevant data. As a result, the segments were underperforming.

Solution: We separated the unimportant data from the salient and re-segmented the market into four macro-segments.

Results: This effort produced a 10X increase in revenue and had a 1,000% ROI.